George is one of a large contingent of NSW polio campaigners heading to Canberra on Wednesday 29th October 2014.

George contracted polio at 12 months of age. After a varied career, for the last 11 years George has worked part-time as the Office Co-ordinator for Polio NSW, an organisation he has been a member of since 1995. Prior to his employment with Polio NSW, George served on its Management Committee.

George and his wife, Leeanne, pictured in 1988

George and Leeanne pictured in 2013 with their grandchildren Jessica and Brianna

What is a memorable childhood experience?

I think the most devastating incident would be catching the polio virus from another baby in hospital when no-one was aware he was infected. Approximately fifty of us kids in the hospital ward caught the virus, as well as three nurses. One nurse died and six children also passed away.

How have the late effects of polio impacted on you?

All my life I have been able to work to support my family and have been able to pursue my charity and social activities but now the late effects of polio have limited me severely. I have always used crutches to get around, but over the last 15 years my left leg has weakened and now I can only keep myself on my feet for a few minutes at a time. I find the fatigue, chronic pain and loss of strength the hardest to deal with.

Why are you going to Canberra?

I am participating mostly to offer my support to Polio Australia and the other campaigners. Also, a person in a wheelchair is more visible with this type of campaign where the idea is to attract attention.

Watch George’s recent comments about polio and how its late effects have impacted on him

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George Laszuk, Office Co-ordinator, Polio NSW   (2:14)

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  1. Best wishes for the Canberra campaign, George. Government must come to realise the particular needs of every disability group.

    Your beautiful little ones are encouraging my grandparent envy.