Polio Australia does not receive any funding (a major focus of our “We’re Still Here!” Campaign) so, regrettably, we simply do not have the resources to contribute towards the cost of your travel, accommodation and meals. Last October we were very grateful that 60 members of the polio community paid their own way to Canberra for Polio Awareness Month – the presence of so many polio survivors in one place made a definite impact on the Parliamentarians. We hope to do even better this time so really encourage you to join us.

The day’s program for 26th June will be similar to the October 2012 campaign – complete with a complimentary buffet lunch in the Members’ Guests Dining Room. However, more details will become available in the coming weeks, so please visit the Canberra Program page regularly.

Apart from leaving the Parliamentarians specific, budgeted, information on what Polio Australia is asking from the government (click here for last year’s handout which outlines the issues), this visit we also want to acknowledge the wider circle of people who are “Still Here!” with us – a ‘family tree’ theme. We will be issuing all the campaign heroes with an orange card ‘leaf’ (pictured below) to hang on our “We’re Still Here!” tree at Parliament House. On the back of the leaf we are asking people to write their own name (as a polio survivor), or that of someone they know who had polio, for example: parent, spouse, sibling, child, Aunty Joan, school friend Peter.


I am someone’s . . .

Polio Tree

I am a polio survivor!


Similar leaves will also be sent to our Parliamentary Patrons and Friends with a request that they also think about someone they know who had polio and display the leaf with that person’s name in their parliamentary office window. We will also be inviting any politician who wants to know more about our issues to attend the ‘Honour Ceremony’ and make time to meet with small groups of our campaign heroes.

To broaden our message even further, please take a few minutes to tell us about how polio affected you and those around you, and how the Late Effects of Polio are impacting on your life now. Encourage your family and friends to do the same! You can also add your comments to others stories.

We are asking as many polio survivors and their supporters as possible to join the federal election “We’re Still Here!” campaign. There has never been a better time to make our voices heard, especially as most polio survivors will not derive any benefit from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (now known as DisabilityCare Australia) due to the 65 age limit.

Contact Mary-ann for more information and/or to add your name to the list of campaign heroes heading to Canberra.

To keep up to date with campaign news please check here regularly. See you in Canberra!