October is Polio Awareness Month. Polio Australia will be undertaking a range of activities throughout the month to promote the message “We’re Still Here!”

Theme: “Ageing With Dignity”
Our theme for Polio Awareness Month 2017 is “Ageing With Dignity”. With the majority of polio survivors locked out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) due to the age 65 cut off, “Ageing With Dignity” can be complicated when trying to manage the debilitating Late Effects of Polio (LEoP). Unfortunately, many health professionals do not have the knowledge or awareness of the LEoP to appropriately treat and manage post-polio patients, contributing to the challenge of “Ageing With Dignity”.

Polio Survivor Stories
Polio Australia collected stories from polio survivors around the country. The aim was to determine their polio history, their experience with the LEoP and what ageing with dignity meant to them, and what would help them to age with dignity. View the stories here.

Myth Monday 1
Myth Monday 2
Myth Monday 3
Myth Monday 4
Myth Monday 5
Social Media
This Polio Awareness month, we have launched a social media campaign targeting the myths surrounding polio and the Late Effects of Polio. Every Monday in October, a new ‘myth’ will be shared on Facebook and Twitter. On the other days, we will share a range of varying resources, links and stories to continue conveying the message “We’re Still Here!”

Click here to view published media articles from Polio Awareness Month 2017.

Malcolm Turner Bridge
From 16th to 20th October, the Malcolm Turner Bridge in Canberra will be glowing orange to highlight the 2017 Polio Awareness campaign. Orange is the post-polio ‘team’ colour.